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Sex Toys In Pune: Three and a half years ago in 2017, we here at Adultlove came into existence with a wonderful motive. We always knew what value lovemaking holds in the life of humans. But more than that, we wanted to spread the message of health and wellness throughout every nook and corner of India.

This is where Adultlove placed its foot and gave a grand start with a proficient team of individuals. We knew things might be a bit challenging. We wanted to explore every corner of India, every city, every town and also remote corners. We solely aimed at making people understand how toys can also act as an alternative to keeping people physically satisfied. 

It was in Pune where we took the high road and started dispatching orders at some neighboring areas. Initially, we sent out orders at Chandni Chowk, Sadar Bazaar, Palika Bazaar, Connaught Place, Sarojini Nagar Market and others. Fortunately, the sale reports for sex toys in Pune here were quite welcoming that boosted us to explore other areas.

Next, we set a mission to hit the neighboring cities. Accordingly, we went on to try our luck at Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad, Rohtak, Meerut and Sonipat. These were the cities where we also got tremendous response from people of different genders and communities. Well, this was a major breakthrough that gave us the confidence to hit the bigger cities.

Today, Adultlove has bagged valuable customers from Mumbai, Bangalore, Amritsar, Chennai, Bhopal and other cities. With 1150+ products for male, female and couples, our online adult toy store today ranks among the most reputed ones in India.


What makes Adultlove Different from other Online Stores?

Adultlove boasts of a very unique range of adult toys and accessories. More than the variety, we are more concerned about the safety of our users. Hence, we keep only those products at our store that would assure sound sexual health at all cost.

Besides, we have other factors to stand out from the crowd. Take a look:


No Harmful Products – As we had already mentioned, Adultlove preserves the safest products that are absolutely non-toxic. So, there would be no such complications like those occurring on skin or in the private organs.

Exceptional Range of Accessories – Our variety is fresh and unique. For almost every product, we have diverse models that make us exceptional in comparison to others.

Customer Support – Adultlove is not here just to sell sex toys. We care for our customers and hence we have a dedicated customer care department to solve different queries and bring wise solutions to our users.

Reliable Payment Modes – Right from the day we are serving, we have always kept our honesty in limelight. Hence, we have the most transparent payment policies so that our users don’t face any complications while making payments online or offline.

Discreet Delivery – Adultlove has sustained professionalism always in keeping its customer details confidential. So, discreet delivery is another factor which we maintain at all cost.


Placing an Order at Adultlove

Shopping is the most pleasant thing expected by an individual, especially when he/she prefers to do it online. Adultlove makes it extremely simple for everyone to shop for one’s desirable adult products from home.

So, whether one wants to shop for sex toys in Pune or other locations, the following ordering processes will get the job done:


1.       Visit the Website and Order

Adultlove has a very comprehensible website through which one can initiate the ordering process. It requires a few simple steps similar to those followed at an ecommerce store. Following these procedures sequentially will help one place the order without any hassle.


2.       Call a Sales Executive and Order

Since Adultlove is manned with professional sales executives, it would be easier for shoppers to get in touch through a call and place an order. Besides, they are quite knowledgeable and confident in guiding customers with right tips and instructions.


What Type of Sex Toys are Available at Adultlove?

Everyone is welcomed to shop here at Adultlove. Right from men to women, singles to couples, gays to lesbians, loner to married, all can expect here to get something or the other for fulfilling their physical needs. This is a reason why we have included different types of sex toys in Pune for one and all. Afterall, variety is the spice of life as said rightly.


Sex Toys for Women

Little things make girls happy. Adultlove is aware of this and hence includes an outstanding compilation for women of all ages. Have a quick look at what types of adult products we have got:


Toys for Girls

Girls can now indulge into hot erotic play sessions alone or with their partners with some brilliant toys from our store. For instance, we have got G-spot vibrators, erotic machines, vibrating massagers, rabbit vibrators, fun vibrators, and more.


Accessories for Girls

Not only toys but women also wish to get naughty with erotic accessories. Adultlove has got a long list of accessories like steel rings, silicone breast prosthesis, nipple vibrators, vibrating panty, breast silicone bra and pad, and more.


Needs for Girls

Adultlove has also reserved a section that cares for the erotic needs of women. These include artificial hymen, breast enlargement cream, enlargement machines etc.


Sex Toys for Men

Men can now rediscover eroticism with the finest collection of adult products from our store. We have all sorts of toys and accessories for men that would not only satisfy them but also make them more confident than before. Have a look at the list of male sex toys in Pune we are offering:


Toys for Boys

Just like women, men too love playing with naughty toys. So, the variety we have got here is sure to impress them. One can make his choice here from products like male strokers, male masturbation toys, big artificial vagina, silicone real dolls, and more.


Needs for Boys

The need to stay sexually fit and happy is quite obvious for men. Keeping this in mind, we have got some needy toys for men like boys sex kit, penis sleeves, penis enlargement cream, boys sex kit, enlargement machine etc.


Sex Toys for Couples

Couples can now express their heartfelt desires with toys of superior quality. Hence, we have included this special category where partners can shop for products like anal vibrators, anal beads, butt plugs, strap-on, toy cleaners etc.


Party Sex Toys for Singles & Couples

Adultlove has brought this interesting category where one can shop for hot party toys to have unlimited fun. Here we have got top quality BDSM toys like leather whip, chastity lock device, handcuff, mouth ball gag, sex swing and more.

Apart from this, we have some kinky stuff like pheromone sprays for all men and women, singles and couples. Don’t miss out looking for the stylish erotic candles under this category.


Lube and Herbal Products for Singles & Couples

We believe natural products never lose their value. Rather, they add more safety and effectiveness to your sexual health. Hence, we have presented the lube and herbal category where one would be able to shop for arousal gels, delay sprays, sex drops, vaginal creams, lubricants and what not.

Each of these natural products is composed of natural and skin-friendly ingredients. This assures to eliminate the chances of any side effect on one’s health.


Long Distance Sex Toys for Couples

If you had always thought that lovemaking is not possible from long distances, you are mistaken. Adultlove brings some super advanced app control vibrators to make couples physically unite from different places. These vibrators are small in size and run through smartphone application and Bluetooth support.

Adultlove preserves a smart collection of app control vibrators. All the models are upgraded and quite user-friendly.


Safe Payment & Discreet Delivery is What We Promise

Adultlove not just makes promises but keeps the same without any hidden story. Likewise, we make sure that whoever shops from our store will have a pleasant experience. Hence, we keep the truest of terms with our customers.

In terms of receiving payments, we maintain complete transparency and hence include the most flexible modes. We have cash on delivery along with debit and credit card options for online payment directly.

Most importantly, we are very particular about keeping the customer information confidential. Therefore, we make it a point to deliver every order discreetly at one’s doorstep.


Cities where Adultlove has Left a Prominent Footprint

It is for our customers along with their trust, cooperation and patience that we have succeeded to come so far down the line. Our sales executives and delivery representatives have done a fantastic job in bringing us recognition in a short span of time by selling out sex toys in Pune and other parts of India.

So, here is a list of cities where we made a remarkable contribution and bagged high revenues. Take a look:


Sex Toys in Ahmedabad

Adultlove drew attention from a wide range of users in Ahmedabad with both its male and female products. From our sale reports on sex toys in Ahmedabad, we noted the following facts:

·         47% men found male strokers ideal for satisfactory masturbation

·         44% women said rabbit vibrators were better than the human penis

·         49% couples demanded for BDSM stuff, especially leather whips and chastity device


Sex Toys in Bangalore

We even got positive responses from the southern part of India and Bangalore topped the charts. Rather, the demand of sex toys in Bangalore was felt almost equal among men and women.

·         51% women said they enjoy thrusts more from sex machines

·         46% married men showed a major liking for cock rings while 43% went for big artificial vagina

·         41% couples said anal dildos make them enjoy more


Sex Toys in Amritsar

Adultlove was also happy to serve the wonderful people of Amritsar. Here the inclination was found to be more towards artificial vagina, pussy pumps and spider sower masturbators among the sex toys in Amritsar.

·         38% men said spider sower masturbators assure the highest level of satisfaction

·         35% girls, especially students found artificial vagina to be the safest way of having sex

·         36% women aged between 35 and 42 asked for pussy pumps


Sex Toys in Bhopal

Bhopal, despite being a huge city, was lucky for us to bring prospective customers. Here a good number of men, both single and married, went for silicone dolls as substitutes for their women partners. From the reports on sex toys in Bhopal we found:

·         58% men said inflatable dolls were best to meet their bed needs

·         54% men suggested Super Girls to be the best

·         47% men opted for silicone love dolls for their realistic body and genitals


Adultlove Brings the 5 Most Talked-about Sex Toys

Right from the time we have stepped in the world of sex toys, Adultlove has chalked out the most happening adult sex toys in Pune that have always been in news. Do take a quick look:


1.       Male Masturbation Toys

The demand of male masturbators has remained undeniably high among the male sex toys in Pune.  These male masturbation toys have allured a good percentage of men from almost all corners of India. We had never experienced low demand for these toys since 2017. 


2.       Butt Plugs

The popularity of butt plugs has been possible for not only people wanting anal sex but also for those willing to try new lovemaking styles. In fact, Adultlove has brought a commendable variety of anal sex toys in Pune like anal vibrators, anal dildos, anal beads and more.


3.       Sex Real Doll

It seems men of the 21st century have gone crazy for sex real dolls. This has been possible due to the realistic features of these dolls. Since these are lent silicone bodies, men find them quite pleasing to play and stroke. Hence, these sex dolls definitely acquire the third position in our list of sex toys in Pune.


4.       App Control Vibrators

The magic of long distance lovemaking is simply undeniable. Adultlove has made this miracle possible in reality by bringing these advanced app control vibrators for separated couples. This product has always been in the limelight among couples.


5.       Strap-on

Products like strap-on have always kept partners intact in love and lust. Adultlove has got such a fascinating collection that couples have loved shopping here. Among the couple sex toys in Pune, this product has been a showstopper.


Final Thoughts

Adultlove has plenty of stories to tell in the long-run. For now, this online sex toy store in India has bettered around thousands of lives at diverse places throughout India.

Going forward, it would bring more effective products and hotter alternatives for keeping people happy in bed.

If you are stuck anywhere or wish to solve any query, feel free to reach our sales executives through call or email. We would definitely assist you in the best manner possible.

Stay Happy, Stay Safe!

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Promita S.
This device is fantastic and the delivery was also on-time
Strap-on is an awesome device. Trust me friends, both I and my partner enjoy a lot in our private moments. The long and sturdy device is a perfect device that makes the intimate hours more special.
Moderated on 07/15/2021.
Anupama B.
It is easy to carry
I am very excited to have this vibrating massager with me. The mini vibrator is totally pleasurable and playing with it gives various new sensations. I can feel the steaminess inside my body. Moreover, it is portable and I have carried it outside the house as well.
Moderated on 07/15/2021.
Apka A.
Waste of money h
Never buy from this web site
Moderated on 07/15/2021.
Maadhira k.
Multi speed of vibrates gives me perfect sensations
Stimulating breasts is really important. All the girls will agree with me. So, to get a wonderful experience, I bought these breast enlargement machines. There are 7 different levels of speed present and all of the vibes gives awesome sensations. I am also happy with the discreet way of delivering the toy.
Moderated on 07/15/2021.
Amrita H.
I am glad to buy such a wonderful product
I just enjoy with any kind of stimulating toy. That’s the reason I bought this rabbit vibrator from this online store. The semi-transparent toy goes straight inside and pinpoints my internal area. At the same time, it stimulates my clitoris.
Moderated on 06/22/2021.
Nisha M.
Soft feel Flexible Realistic Non Vibrator RSNV-002
Soft feel Flexible Realistic Non Vibrator RSNV-002
Color SKIN Total Length 7 Insertable Length 7 Dia 4.5 Material SILICONE Vibrating No No. of Battery Required No...
This is a pure pleasurable toy
My solo sessions are rocking with this awesome realistic non-vibrator. Girls believe me, it goes straight inside to the deep and tickle me like anything. I can’t control my feelings and just wanted to fulfil the naughty desires without late.
Moderated on 06/22/2021.
Jyotsna M.
Thanks to this online store for keeping such unique and sensuous toy
Vibrator I had already purchased but an anal vibrator is very less available. I bought it for myself and trust me, friends it gives a different level of sensation inside my body. I can feel the naughty desires are coming out whenever I play with it.
Moderated on 06/09/2021.
Ankita S.
Thank you for solving my problem so easily
I was really worried to go to my boyfriend’s house on his birthday. The reason is he wanted something seductive. Finally after searching a lot I got this lighter making love on this website. The metal body with some erotic features are really impressive. When I gifted it to him he really liked it very much.
Moderated on 06/09/2021.
Babita T.
Cyclone Fire sex machine SM-005
Cyclone Fire sex machine SM-005
Product: Cyclone Fire Sex Machine SM-005 Category: Sex Machine Gun Material: ABS and Silicone Dimensions: Dildo measures 155 x 37 mm,...
Sex machine is awesome
I had heard from everyone that a sex machine is awesome. So, when I found this one at your online store, I ordered it. But I am shocked to find it so strong and fast. I am a beginner that’s why I don’t like this one at all. I just wanted this device to be gentler and the shaft to be a bit short. I am very upset after using it. And I think it would not be possible for me to use it further.
Moderated on 05/19/2021.
Damini R.
Dazzling Hot Pink Realistic Non Vibrator RSNV-003
Dazzling Hot Pink Realistic Non Vibrator RSNV-003
Color SKIN  Total Length 8 Insertable Length 8 Dia 4.5 Material SILICONE Vibrating No No. of Battery Required No...
This toy grabbed my attention
I am a single woman and so when I saw this one, I was thrilled to find such a realistic toy. The device is very sturdy. The softness and durability are beyond questions. Believe me girls, if you ever tried or planning to try any handy toy, this one is best. Mark my words, as it pinpoints my g-spot and stimulates perfectly all my private parts. I can’t control my naughty feelings while I am with this device. I am definitely loving this and I’m sure you will also love it too.
Moderated on 05/19/2021.
Rinku P.
I love this vibrator for its wonderful features
Lelo vibrator is a different type of device which I found to be pleasurable and useful as well. The unique design has grabbed my attention. The small and portable device is efficient at massaging my genital area and also bringing out my orgasmic feelings quite easily. Moreover, it can be carried easily in a purse discreetly.
Moderated on 05/04/2021.
Aarna G.
It's just brilliant for attaining physical satisfaction
I have tried a lot of adult toys. But this rabbit vibrator brought me to new heights of climax. It has a clitoris stimulator with a penetrating wand that stirs the privates for quicker orgasms. I get power-packed thrusts and tingling sensations both at the same time.
Moderated on 05/04/2021.
Zoey D.
Pretty Love SNAPPY Vibrator with 30 Functions Waterproof RV-011
Pretty Love SNAPPY Vibrator with 30 Functions Waterproof RV-011
color PURPLE Total Length 8 Insertable Length 3 Dia 4 Material SILICONE Rechargable No Wireless No No. of Battery...
Nice product for female
Just give a rabbit to any girl and she will enjoy it like anything. Honestly, I had super fun during my solo moments. It did not hurt at all and rather I loved using it. It stirs well against my organs and leaves me stimulated at the same time. Price is fair and the delivery too was made quite confidentially. Great experience overall!!
Moderated on 04/06/2021.
Dhiru M.
One of the best product for couple
My anus got stormed when these beads were inserted by him. What a moment that was! Nice quality must say and a very pocket-friendly product! I guess beginners should go a bit slow. If you are going for the first time, it would be better to slow down and enjoy.
Moderated on 04/06/2021.
Mrs. R.
Amazing product for female at the low price
I honestly had a blast with this magical toy. Although the product name has the word ‘mini’, it lends those wild vibes like anything. Whenever it vibrates, my genitals become so responsive. It takes almost no time for me to become orgasmic. It is a quality investment for sure and I am so much impressed with the way you delivered.
Moderated on 04/06/2021.
Sanjay .
Exclusive product at minimum price
Bondage sex is our longtime fantasy and the black leather strap string harness is our favorite. I can’t control my naughty desires with just a look of my wife wearing this sexy strap harness. The all-in-one body harness adorns the bust that makes me take advantage of each and every portion of her body. That is what makes us excited and more erotic.
Moderated on 03/17/2021.
Mrs. H.
Ultimate Pussy Pump Pro-Vibrating PPV-001
Ultimate Pussy Pump Pro-Vibrating PPV-001
color PINK Material SILICONE + FIBRE Rechargable No Wireless No No. of Battery Required 3 Size of Battery AA Vibrating...
Wonderful product for women
Women know it well that sex without clitoris stimulation is incomplete. Same experience I had before buying this pussy pump. The unique device perfectly knows to stimulate my genitals and gives orgasmic pleasures to my vagina. Moreover, I will love to mention the process of discreet delivery at my doorstep which helped me to keep it secret. Indeed, I am overwhelmed to use such a wonderful product.
Moderated on 03/13/2021.
Faisal R.
Amazing stroker for male at minimum price
I am a single man who was in search of excitement in life. But after buying this awesome product my life changed for better. The experience is special and gives faster results for my penis to grow. Moreover, the color and the design are quite different from other male masturbators. Now, I am having a thrilling experience after using this product.
Moderated on 03/04/2021.
Dimpi K.
One of the best product for couple
I love doing BDSM more than any other sexual form. This chastity lock device is just brilliant and very sturdy. As it comes with a locking pin, it stays secure and makes the job simplified. Light in weight, it does not add any extra to my dick. I am sure it would be good enough for men to have enough fun.
Moderated on 02/27/2021.
Vidya S.
Wow..too much pretty look of this product
I had always loved shopping for music vibrators by Ohmibod. It brings the most advanced music vibrators. Thank you guys for making it available in your store! Believe it or not, it doubles entertainment like anything. I am happy to invest on it. Anyone planning to order a product here can expect fully secret delivery. I got it myself!
Moderated on 02/18/2021.
Mr P.
So special product for men or women
Amazing fragrance, magical aftereffects, unmatched aroma! I honestly wondered why I did not get this earlier. Does not cause any rashes on the skin and is great for men and women!
Moderated on 02/11/2021.
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